Crowdfunding fulfillment services are a popular option among businesses and entrepreneurs for several reasons. They ensure faster shipping and at a lower cost, eliminating the need to lease warehouse equipment and space, and avoid money wasted on errors that can arise with self-fulfillment (in house fulfillment). More importantly, crowd fulfillment services improve supporters’ overall experience and make them more likely to support your crowdfunding projects and ongoing business operations.

But for excellent crowdfunding fulfillment services, you must go for an experienced company such as Our Service Works (OSW). With over three decades of experience in fulfillment, you can rest assured that you are working with a partner who gives the best service and at the best price. Whether you are looking to partner for Kickstarter fulfillment or Indiegogo fulfillment, we plan the processing and shipping of your incentives to ensure your success in the crowdfunding campaign – and we supplement the fulfillment and shipping with our customer care services so that questions can be answered quickly. Contact our team today for help in warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping services.

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