Subscription Box Fulfillment

We excel as a subscription box fulfillment company, boasting error-free operations and meticulous attention to detail. With end-to-end subscription box fulfillment solutions, we seamlessly handle every aspect of the process, ensuring efficiency and reliability. Our customer-first approach prioritizes client satisfaction, amplifying your brand and your reputation.

Partner with OSW for recurring shipments of products sent to customers on a predetermined schedule. Whether you need the same product sent every time, like a razor and cartridge replacement, or a newly selected product for each shipment, such as curated subscription boxes, OSW caters to your needs.

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Streamlined Subscription Fulfillment Services

Choosing the right subscription fulfillment company is crucial for the success of your brand and ensuring customer satisfaction. The fulfillment process plays a significant role in shaping the overall experience for subscribers, from order accuracy to timely delivery and packaging quality. 

A reliable fulfillment partner can streamline operations, minimize errors, and maintain consistency, ultimately contributing to happier customers and higher retention rates. By entrusting your subscription box fulfillment to a trusted provider, you can focus on core aspects of your business while knowing that your customers’ needs are being met with efficiency and care.

When it comes to subscription box fulfillment, here’s what we do best:

Receiving and Inventory Management

We manage incoming inventory and keep track of stock levels.

On-time Shipping

We ensure orders ship on time and consistently, with close attention to detail, eliminating errors and driving repeat business.

Quality Control

We inspect each subscription box to verify accuracy, completeness, and overall presentation.


We personalize each subscription box according to customer preferences, specific themes or product branding, include special inserts, and more.

Shipping and Logistics

We arrange for the timely delivery of subscription boxes to customers, manage carriers, and track shipments.

Returns Management

We handle customer returns or exchanges and manage the process efficiently.

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The Subscription Box Fulfillment Process

How It Works

With so many steps involved in fulfilling a subscription order for a single customer, it’s no wonder choosing the right subscription fulfillment company is crucial.

Here’s how the subscription fulfillment process works:


Inventory is received: You send your goods to our climate-controlled warehouse. Inventory management: We verify inventory levels to ensure sufficient stock of all items included in the subscription boxes.


Order placement: Customers subscribe to the service and select their preferred subscription plan, frequency, and any customization options.

Customization: If the subscription offers customization options, customers may provide their preferences or select from available choices for each box.

Assembly and kitting: We assemble the subscription boxes according to each customer’s specifications, including selecting the appropriate items and packaging them together.

Packaging: Once assembled, we package the subscription boxes securely to protect the contents during transit.

Quality control: Before shipment, we check each subscription box to verify accuracy, completeness, and overall presentation.


Shipping and logistics: We arrange for the timely shipment of subscription boxes to customers, managing carriers and tracking shipments to ensure on-time delivery.

After Shipping

Optional customer support (available as an add-on): Throughout the fulfillment process, our customer support team is available to address any inquiries or concerns from subscribers and provide assistance as needed.

Returns management: If a subscriber wishes to return or exchange a box or item, we handle the returns process efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Boost Sales With Subscription Boxes

OSW has 30+ years of industry experience, and we can help you streamline every step so that you can focus less on logistics and more on growing and reaching your sales goals. If you’re new to offering customers subscriptions, you may wonder about subscription retention, logistics and fulfillment, subscription box fulfillment costs, competition, and more.

Subscription boxes can be highly beneficial for sales. Here are the advantages of offering a subscription-based delivery of your products:

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