kitting and assembly services

Kitting and Assembly Services

Assembly and kitting involve the process of putting together various components or items to create a final product or kit. OSW's kitting and assembly services enable eCommerce businesses to develop customized product bundles or kits, which improve the customer experience.

Streamline Fulfillment and
Reduce fulfillment costs

By pre-assembling products or components into ready-to-ship kits, businesses can save time on order fulfillment, reduce shipping costs, and simplify inventory management. Additionally, kitting allows greater flexibility in offering promotions, upselling opportunities, and meeting customer demands 
for personalized products.

Our comprehensive kitting fulfillment services provide customers with an efficient solution for promptly fulfilling orders consisting of multiple items and kits comprised of various items from different vendors.

Precision in Every Step:
Expert Kitting and Assembly Services

Effective kitting and assembly processes can significantly contribute to a business’s success and efficiency. Choosing the right assembly and kitting partner is crucial for efficiently shipping orders to customers and scaling your business. ​​A good 3PL partner can adjust to changes in demand and expand operations as needed, giving your business room to grow freely.

At OSW, we specialize in comprehensive assembly and kitting services, handling every aspect from start to finish. Our expertise in these areas ensures precision and quality and saves you valuable time and resources on the following assembly and kitting steps:

We streamline your assembly and kitting processes.
Our team is ready to discuss your business needs.

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