Wholesale and Retail Fulfillment Made Easy

Wholesale and retail fulfillment services involve receiving, storing, picking, packing, and finally shipping large volumes of products to retail stores for individual consumer sales. 

Retail fulfillment demands precision, timing, and attention to detail, setting it apart from DTC (direct-to-consumer) fulfillment. Given the substantial size of these bulk orders, finding the perfect wholesale fulfillment partner becomes a cornerstone of your brand's success.

Wholesale and Retail Fulfillment Company

A trusted partner in
wholesale & retail fulfillment

OSW is a trusted wholesale and retail fulfillment company, boasting over 30 years of industry experience. We ensure orders are accurately fulfilled and delivered to meet the demands of individual 
customers in each store.

Whether you’re a small boutique or a large-scale retailer, we have the knowledge and resources to streamline your fulfillment operations and drive success in the marketplace. Reach out to get started.

Efficient Order Fulfillment Services

Wholesale and retail fulfillment requires preparing and shipping larger orders to businesses selling your products to their customers. These retail stores range from small boutiques to Big Box merchants, each with unique requirements.

At Our Serviceworks, we handle all the below steps for you, leveraging our expertise and resources to streamline your retail and wholesale fulfillment processes and ensure smooth operations from start to finish.

Retail fulfillment Processes:

  • Receiving and inventory management
  • Order processing and palletizing large orders
  • Specialty labeling, white labeling, and packaging
  • Custom kitting
  • Shipping, tracking, and logistics
  • Arrival date management
  • Returns and exchanges
  • Reboxing
  • Arrival date management
  • Quality control
  • Customer support

Wholesale fulfillment Processes:

  • 3PL logistics partner for national and international brands
  • EDI support
  • Retailer-specific requirements
  • Pick and pack fulfillment
  • UCC-128 carton labeling
  • UPC label application
  • Storing temperature-controlled inventory
  • Seasonal inventory
  • ASN
  • Returns management

Boost sales with streamlined wholesale and retail fulfillment services.
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