Crowdfunding fulfillment services refer to the process of delivering rewards to your backers. During a crowdfunding campaign, shipping and fulfillment may not be among the things that you focus on. However, you should factor these elements into your calculations. Otherwise, your campaign may end up losing funds, starting your business off on the wrong foot.

For example, determining appropriate donor levels for each perk is contingent upon the amount of money you need to devote to ongoing business operations, versus the amount of money needed to procure and deliver the perks to backers.

One of the most undervalued costs in correctly pricing rewards is fulfillment and shipping. It’s easy enough to understand how much your product costs, but correctly factoring the cost to pick and pack the perk and ship the perk to your backer is a bit trickier. This is where crowdfunding fulfillment companies come in – they can help you understand all the costs involved in crowdfunding fulfillment so that you don’t lose money. Common fulfillment and shipping costs include:

Getting your costs right aren’t the only challenge in the fulfillment process – equally important is quickly processing the orders once the perks arrive and shipping them to backers as fast as possible. Shipping a large batch of shipments in a very short time window without making any mistakes is what crowdfunding fulfillment companies help you perform.

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