Complete Fulfillment Solutions

Our Serviceworks provides complete fulfillment solutions to fit your business needs

Order fulfillment is a complex operation requiring intense resources, advanced technology and expertise. Successful online businesses recognize that outsourcing fulfillment services to a expert partner can be more effective, efficient and cheaper than insourcing.

OSW becomes an extension of your brand. We learn about your business and products and connect with your customers throughout the order fulfillment process, fully representing your brand in everything we do. To your customers, we are you, performing expert order fulfillment services

Our unique blend of technology, warehouse, people and processes ensure that your orders flow in and out seamlessly with rapid turnaround and 100% accuracy.

eCommerce fulfillment

B2B and B2C outsourced fulfillment

Durable goods and consumables

Sales channel distribution

Product samples

Gift packaging

Subscription services

Reoccurring order management

Promotional catalogs, literature, books, etc.

Rebate premium fulfillment

Tradeshow materials

Promotional materials

Literature and collateral management

Contest and sweepstakes prize fulfillment

MLM distribution and packaging

Custom Packaging, Gift Packaging, Kitting and Other Services

OSW can bundle multiple products into one ready-to-ship multi-product package. We can perform item packaging and light assembly processes. We can help with ideas for for personalized gift packaging. Give our team a challenge… we love helping customers design creative fulfillment processes.

Packaging promotional materials
Breaking-up bulk materials into individual units
New labeling and relabeling
Unique packaging to support different sales channels
Multi-product kitting and packaging
Light assembly
picking pack

How to Outsource Product Fulfillment?

At OSW, we know that order fulfillment is a huge part of your brand promise. You set your customer expectations, and you can trust us to deliver on them.

Local and National Brands Trust Us. You can too.

Local and National Companies of All Sizes Trust OSW to Perform Fulfillment and Customer Care Services On Behalf of Their Customers

Let’s discuss how OSW Fulfillment and Customer Care Services can accelerate your growth