How Outsourcing Product Fulfillment Works?

OSW makes it easy to transition from in-house fulfillment to outsourced fulfillment in just a few easy steps

Our Simple Five Step Outsourced Fulfillment Process

At OSW, we know that order fulfillment is a huge part of your brand promise. You set your customer expectations, and you can trust us to deliver on them.

Our flawless fulfillment process elevates your brand and strengthens customer loyalty. Outsourcing product fulfillment to OSW allows you to focus on your products and growing your business. It’s one of the smartest business decisions you can make.

Provide Your Product Info

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Download SKU’s and descriptions of your items to us and we upload them into our systems. This integrates your inventory with our order management, fulfillment and shipping programs and with your online shopping cart(s).

Provide Your Shopping Cart Credentials

We will integrate your shopping carts with our software to smoothly transition your orders to our system. We are currently integrated with 25+ online shopping carts, including Amazon and eBay.


Send Your Logo

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We will customize all customer-facing materials with your logo, which includes packing slips and email notifications. We make sure that when your customers receive their orders, everything looks like it came directly from your company.

Ship Us Your Products!

Send your products to our clean, secure warehouse. We confirm receipt, update our inventory system and store your products within your specific designated area of our warehouse. Now we’re ready to take care of your order fulfillment and shipping.

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Let the Fulfillment Begin!

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We’re ready to immediately start processing your customers’ orders using our 100% accurate pick & pack process. You can relax knowing your customers are going to get the right item(s), with your designated packaging materials every time!

Let’s discuss how OSW order fulfillment services can accelerate your growth