Inventory and Order Analytics

OSW’s order reporting features can ignite your company’s growth. Our inventory and order analytics system is designed to precisely manage your inventory, analyze your customers’ buying behaviors, and much more

Easy Access to Inventory and Order Analytics

Reports available on-demand and in real time, 24/7
Reports are accessible from any connected computer worldwide
Download your reports to Excel for customization

Real Time Inventory and Order Data

Inventory Auto Calculations

Our order analytics system continuously tracks your inventory, checks it against volume of orders, and provides a rolling average of what you’ll need to keep adequate stock. We’ll even alert you when stock levels are low.

Inbound Hold

To prevent backorders, we can put a brief hold on shipping when inventory is too low for immediate order fulfillment.

Access Your Customer Information

Even though we manage every aspect of your inventory, you will always have complete access to real-time data, order status, trends, and metrics. Your knowledge of your own customer buying habits, along with our expertise in crunching data, creates an ideal collaboration to determine upcoming needs for inventory.
  • Transaction Reports
    • Transaction Register
    • Transaction by Activity
    • Transaction by Line Item
    • Open Transactions
    • Report by Transaction Number
  • Item Reports
    • Item Reports: Kits Only
    • Item Reports: Items Only
    • Item Reports: Items and Kits
    • Item Reports: Summary
    • Item Reports: Detail
  • Stock Status Reports
    • Stock Status Summary
    • Stock Status Detail
    • Stock Status by Date Range
    • Stock Status: Zero On-Hands
inventory and order analytics

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